Your plasma donation contributes to improved patient outcomes and diagnostics. Donate plasma today.

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Together, We Advance Life Sciences

Every donation at Drumlin Plasma supports diagnoses of bleeding disorders and critical research and development. Our donors are part of a community dedicated to health innovation. At Drumlin, these are our four core values.

Our Values


With partners and our network of donors, we are forging long lasting relationships to become the business partner of choice for the IVD industry.


We are breaking the mold of traditional plasma supply through disruptive solutions.


By delivering a safe and seamless experience for donors, we strive to exceed our commitments to customers, donors, and stakeholders.


To our donors: to provide a safe donation process and welcoming environment.
To our customers: to consistently provide a high-quality product and collaborative service.

Why Donate Plasma?

Improve Health Outcomes

The majority of the plasma we collect at Drumlin will be used to diagnose patients with bleeding disorders. It’s a big deal. Your small act offers hope and a brighter future to countless individuals facing these health challenges.

Earn Money

Every time you donate plasma at Drumlin Plasma, you are compensated for your time and commitment.

It’s Safe and Simple

Donating plasma is safe and easy. Our staff will guide you through a thorough health check and examination, ensuring you are eligible to complete the donation process. We ensure a comfortable experience, so you can relax while knowing your donation will improve the lives of others.

Still Need More Information?

For quick answers to commonly asked questions about plasma donation, our processes, or your visit, check out our FAQ page. It’s designed to help you find the information you need effortlessly.

Our Story

At Drumlin Plasma, we enhance plasma supply chains for diagnostic testing. By supporting diagnostics, we help improve countless lives worldwide.

Our Mission

Through the support of our donors, we deliver plasma globally that exceeds the expectations of diagnostic companies, and enables the accurate and timely diagnosis of bleeding disorders.

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Join our community of dedicated donors at Drumlin Plasma and make a profound difference in medical research and diagnostics. It’s easy to donate—choose from a 1 hour session for first-time donors or a 1.5 hour session for repeat donors.